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Ireland has routes across the Irish Sea to Wales, England, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Also south to France.

Countryside ranging from coastal mountains in the West to lush low lying plains in the centre of the island. Ireland has lakes, undulating hills, and the wilds of Donegal to name but a few attractions.

There are many festivals held through summer, traditional music in an Irish pub to catch, or rock festivals set in dramatic surroundings.

Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland owes its green landscape to its position on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean with its mild oceanic climate and frequent rains.

Ireland has three world heritage sites including Skellig Michael - a monastery on an Atlantic island and the famous Giant's Causeway, a basalt rock formation in Ulster.

Dublin has produced many writers and playrights and there are several theatres productions through the year. There is also a strong underground arts scene showing exhibitions through the year.

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